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1986年生まれ 奈良県在住 



Mika Nitta

Born in 1986. Live in Nara, Japan.

From the initial pen-and-ink drawing, I changed my style and now paint with Sumi(Japanese ink and Chinese ink) and Gansai(Japanese water color).

I continue to produce by considering the painting as self-expression as well as an act of prayer. 



2013 個展「絲しいせかい」東京

2014 個展「標本と化す」東京

2015 個展「最初の花が咲いたら」大阪

2015 個展「譜く」大阪

2017 個展「石を詠む」大阪

2023 個展「やなぎはみどり はなはくれない」大阪

2013 ART STREAM  FM802賞 大阪

2016  Group Show「Through The Wood 」US



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No unauthorized reproduction.

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